Black and White Sunday: Kes Cosily Curled


Kes Cosily Curled


Kes is a gentle boy who has his moments. His footsteps are scarcely audible indoors. He sails smoothly onto the couch like a ballerina. His long legs are muscled nicely. A little like a  tiny greyhound. Of course they are called Italian Greyhounds.

Outdoors he is a warrior. He won’t let any other dogs near us. His bark is ┬ádetermined. Squirrels and birds, clear out!

Here he is, at rest, showing off the striking white blaze on his head, and his ability to squeeze into a tiny ball.

We love you, Kes!!


Kes Curled Cosily

Kes Curled Cosily


We are joining the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop, hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Thanks to them for hosting.