Cody the Adorable Older Maltese Mix Needs You

I've fallen upon Dickensian times

I’ve fallen upon Dickensian times

Hi, I’m Cody, and I’m a little miffed about my picture. I look like I’m having a bad hair day! I’ve always been such an attractive, yes, irresistible boy. I’ve fallen upon nearly Dickensian hard times. No one should experience this. My family basically stopped taking care of me. I’m skinny and still need a sharp, stylish haircut. It really is a miracle that I’m in good health! I’m twelve years old, and I am a spunky walker. I like to sit on laps and get along with everybody. Everyone says, “Awwww! You are sooo sweet!” when they meet me.

I know my being an older pup doesn’t appeal to a lot of people, but stop and think what that means. Can you imagine a better thing to do than adopt me? An innocent pup who simply got old, causing my  family to take me to the city shelter and tell them to euthanize me. It makes me very forlorn and I know I have many years left. (My friend who is writing this for me had a poodle who lived to the age of 18!)

Right now (4:30 Saturday August 31st) I am on an adoption van in front of Unleashed in Park Slope, on Seventh Avenue. I was sitting on a very nice woman’s lap for about an hour. After this, if I do not get adopted today, I will be at:

Sean Casey Animal Rescue                                                                              

153 East 3rd Street*

Brooklyn, NY  11218


Open Daily 11am-7pm

Adoption fee is $300 and includes: Spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, check-up, and one month of health insurance

*Take the F train to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy, get out at the Ft. Hamilton/Ocean Pkwy exit, and ask anyone : “Where is Sean Casey?”


3 thoughts on “Cody the Adorable Older Maltese Mix Needs You

  1. emma says:

    So sad, how can someone do that to a dog?

  2. Lee says:

    Oh Cody I hope you find a loving home soon. No family should outcast a pet just because they are getting older.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. houndstooth says:

    Good luck, Cody! I know somebody out there is waiting for you!


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