Livvie Says Kaddish for Matilda

Mom, I am praying for Matilda.

Mom, I am praying for Matilda.


While I was in synagogue saying Kaddish for Matilda, it appears that Livvie and Kessie, her siblings, were also saying Kaddish for her. They  have been surprisingly nonchalant about her absence. I envy them. But who knows, maybe when I leave the apartment, they respond. Maybe they follow their hearts, and cuddle more tightly together. Or maybe they have a sense of the presence of her spirit.

8 thoughts on “Livvie Says Kaddish for Matilda

  1. emma says:

    Us dogs don’t worry like humans. Mom says that when her dog Trine passed away, my sister Katie looked for her for about a month before giving up. It may help that you still have two dogs that have each other. Katie became an only dog. The cats were there, but that is not the same.

  2. I never knew that you are Jewish. So am I. ((((hugs)))

  3. Cathy says:

    Maybe they need some gefilte fish, that always comforts Razor. Of course, what food doesn’t? At least in the evenings when his appetite is nice and high. But I used to joke with my dad that the fact that they loved gefilte fish was proof that my adopted darlings were Jewish.

  4. Oh Livvie, you look so beautiful in your headwrap. I know that you and Kessie are missing Matilda and are grieving her absence in your own way. Perhaps you seem nonchalant because you knew of Matilda’s pain before and now you know that she is running free with no pain and no worries.

  5. Terry Cramer says:

    Thank you Pam. I am glad that our mom bought us hats and scarves because we get extremely cold in the winter. We both spent our early years in Louisiana, and we just shiver like crazy here. I also like the pom pom and when mom put Kessie’s hat on him, I tried to eat the pom pom right off his head! I felt kind of religious when mom put the hat on me, and looked Heaven-ward.

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