Matilda the Guardian Angel Insists That You Consider Adopting Joanne, the Cairn Terrier

I'm running to your arms!

I’m running into your arms!


Yawwwnnnn! Let's cuddle!

Yawwwnnnn! Let’s cuddle!

Joanne came into Col.Potter Cairn rescue at a crucial time. She and her mate Paul had been used for breeding, and their time was just about up. Luckily, the wonderful Col. Potter Cairn rescue group was able to take them in. Off they went to an amazing foster home. Originally it was believed that Joanne and Paul needed to be adopted together. Over time it turns out that their needs are very different, and they will need different, separate homes. You can see their Intake Story at:

Little Joanne entered foster care as a mild-mannered girl who was a little frightened of bing petted. In all other ways, she was (and is) easy-going. From the beginning, she loved being near her foster mom, but not in a clingy way. She also adores other dogs. She is a couch buddy who is fond of rooting through the toy box. Her walks are ambling and she is always one to stop to smell the roses.

Her needs are simple, her foster mom says, and she will be your perfect companion. She is healthy, but needs drops for dry eye, a couple times a day.  She is now ten, but these little guys live long lives.

Please bring me home to your couch!

Please bring me home to your couch!

So here’s the kicker! On October 24th, when Joanne had a vet appointment, the vet told her foster mom that Joanne is blind! Foster mom said, “I was shocked…Joanne has been a slow, quiet, sweet little partner, always right by my side, and she has never showed any sign of blindness, and doesn’t to this day!” Apparently she has been blind for a long time, and is very used to it.

You can see her profile for a beautiful description by her foster mom, and while you’re there, please feel free to fill out an adoption application. Doesn’t this brave girl deserve her very own home?

2 thoughts on “Matilda the Guardian Angel Insists That You Consider Adopting Joanne, the Cairn Terrier

  1. Linda Bagley says:

    Knowing the wonderful foster home she is in her foster Mom tells me what a wonderful little lady she is. She will make someone a forever companion and be your one and only friend. And on top of that she is adorable!

  2. Terry Cramer says:

    This is one sweet little girl!

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