Typhoon Haiyan – How You Can Help

First, I offer sympathies to all those who lost loved ones in this unthinkable disaster. Next, it is important to understand how massive the destruction is. It is said to be the worst storm of all time. According to Care, a total of 618, 175 people are displaced.  Approximately 10,000 people have perished.

We're hoping for help and healing for the Filipino people.

We’re hoping for help and healing for the Filipino people.

There is a group called the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), and they are a group that is collecting money for relief. They will also be holding a candlelight vigil for Typhoon Haiyan victims. This vigil is in Long Beach, California. The date is Nov 15, 2013. They will be meeting in from of the  Grace Methodist Church (2325 East 3rd St). Monetary donations will be collected for the NAFCON Bayanihan Relief campaign.


Care is also taking donations.


Go to Mashable.com for an article called:  9 Ways to help Victims of Typhoon Haiyan.





4 thoughts on “Typhoon Haiyan – How You Can Help

  1. emma says:

    It is amazingly scary, the destruction Mother Nature can cause so quickly.

  2. houndstooth says:

    It’s hard to believe so much devastation could happen in such a short time!

  3. Terry Cramer says:

    It really is hard to take in.

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