Happy Channukkah: Night # 3

We hope everyone had a warm, loving Thanksgiving and Thanksgivukkah. I was sad to leave Kessie and Livvie home, but it was the safest thing to do, since travel on the NYC subways and PATH trains is not the best.They reassured me that they would be doing a very long meditation until I returned.  They got new chew bones and pumpkin biscuits for their good attitudes, and for just being them.

I reached my destination safely, and spent a lot of time being thankful for Charley, a wonderful pup who was one of the hosts. She was Livvie’s best friend when she lived in Brooklyn. They had wild fun running and playing like hooligans in Charley’s big fenced-in yard. Now Charley lives a bit out of town, and when I saw her, I was as overjoyed as she was! She  has the most soulful face. I gave her some chew bones,  jumped around gleefully, and smothered her with kisses from Livvie.

Am I not super beautiful?

Am I not super beautiful?


Then, on to picture taking.  That’s when I remembered that she is calm, but very active. We’ve known her since she was a tiny pup when she was even more active. All I got was blur blur blur.


Where's Livvie?

Where’s Livvie?


Since she is so special to us, and so gorgeous, I decided to put her blurry beauty on the post anyway. I will be going back! Maybe Livvie will visit as well.

And I must say that Charley’s mom is an amazing cook and host, as is Charley’s dad.  Besides the usual Thanksgiving fare, we had the most scrumptious butternut squash latkes. Just thinking about it makes me salivate.


Thanks for the chew bone, auntie!

Thanks for the chew bone, auntie!


Our zany experiences included all six of us (humans) learning how to play “Space Team” on our phones, which is simple fun and very silly. I recommend  it as a stress-reliever. It has to be played with at least one other person, in person, so it is social.

On to tomorrow to the Greyhound Friends of New Jersey Crafts Show and Pet Expo and Adoption Event at the Westfield Armory in Westfield, New Jersey.