Adopt Adorable Lara from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue

Lara is a five year old wheaten colored Cairn girl, currently being fostered in Missouri. Luckily for you, Col. Potter Cairn Rescue can look into transportation options if you are not in the area where Lara is being fostered. They are an amazing rescue group.

Oh come on! Don't you need little me!?!

Oh come on! Don’t you need little me!?!

Back to Lara. She had fallen on hard times. The poor little urchin found herself in a shelter that considered her not adoptable. See her Intake Story HERE. Sadly, the family that surrendered her reported that she wasn’t good with their small children. Lara’s foster mom feels that the family most likely hadn’t had any experience with terriers, and probably wasn’t supervising  the children with Lara. It is speculated that Lara might have been the smartest one in the house, and allowed to do what she pleased until she got into trouble for trying to have everything her way.


Am I not exceptionally cute?

Am I not exceptionally cute?


Luckily, Lara’s foster family is re-training her. They are teaching her to follow their lead, and they are setting limits. They have a hunch that she was disciplined harshly in her previous home when she got into trouble.  She will start to run and hide when she does something a bit “naughty”. It seems that she knows she shouldn’t do it, and becomes quite fearful.


Don't you need someone to protect you from squirrels?

Don’t you need someone to protect you from squirrels?


Now that she is being trained in a humane way, she looks to her foster parents for approval  and praise when she does the right thing. She loves being told that she’s a good girl!  Probably she needs a family or person who has experience with terriers. If there are children, they should most likely be at least in their teens.


I'm fluffy!

I’m fluffy!


Lara sleeps in her crate, and has some issues that make that the best choice for her.  She can be a bit possessive about her space, but is peaceful in her crate. She doesn’t ask for much attention, and has a favorite dog bed and spot to sleep in.  Her foster mom thinks that she had been ignored and neglected in her previous home, and kept most of the time in a crate or tied  in a small space.

She still isn’t comfortable  being on laps, but she does love to get “scritches” and praise a few times a day. She seems to enjoy being nearby any activities in the home, and then can join in when she chooses. She enjoys low energy walks, and is not a big barker, other than the usual terrier things. (guarding everyone from squirrels, cats, bunnies, other dogs, the mail carrier, and the garbage truck).

She knows her name, comes when called, and when she wants attention, her tail is wagging. She doesn’t ask for much, and is very good with housebreaking as well as not being a destructive chewer or laundry destroyer.  Little Lara is afraid of storms, and seeks a safe secluded spot, and shakes and pants.

Doesn’t this sweetheart deserve a new start in her own home where she gets the opportunity to be loved and accepted and to grow into the dog she was meant to be?

See her profile HERE and why not fill out an adoption application while you are there?


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Tuesdays Tails Blog Hop

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