Sepia Saturday

We are so happy to be able to participate in this fun Sepia Saturday blog hop hosted by Ruckus the Eskie. We haven’t been able to take pictures for a few weeks, because of various labyrinthine issues that shall remain unnamed. That is not stopping us, because we have two sepia pictures to share. The first is one we took when Sepia Saturday first started.



We couldn’t believe when we saw this on someone’s front stoop. (Remember we live in Brooklyn).  I call it Stoop Foot. I was very close to ringing the doorbell to inquire about it.




We also have a picture of a wonderful, enormous tortoise who resides at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a wonderful rescue group nearby. Sean has about six tortoises of varying ages/sizes. He doesn’t adopt them out because he feels that they don’t make good pets. He feels that they are good for educating all the young volunteers who help at the shelter. They stay at the shelter wandering around in various safe places, chomping on lettuce or veggies. They’re charming and their natural color is sepia!



Thanks Ruckus for hosting!

4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. emma says:

    It is sepia Saturday, no worries. That foot thing sure is bizarre! Not sure I would want that on my doorstep!

  2. Ooo thanks for sharing both those photos. Once again, sorry about the linkytool acting up. Hopefully it will stay working for next week! I added you to the linky list. And that foot stoop…that’s just weird! Good capture. I almost though that big tortoise was a statue too! See you next Saturday..if not earlier :)

  3. Terry Cramer says:

    Thanks. Actually, when I first saw that tortoise, her head was in, and I thought she was a hassock! Then I realized that the hassock was breathing!

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