Adopt Timothy A Cairn From Col. Potter Cairn Rescue

Nine year old Timothy finds himself in need of a forever home.  His foster mom puts it this way: “This sweet boy was very loved by his family who was forced to seek rescue assistance because of life changes.” See his Intake story HERE.


I'm a loving sweet guy!

I’m a loving sweet guy!


This is what made me start to tear up: “Timothy arrived with a few treasured toys and two fleece socks. He is so gentle and respectful of these toys. It is a pleasure to watch him carry them around, toss them gently, and then lie down with them. Timothy loves being with his people and is often lying down nearby. When Timothy wants attention, he will put his paws on your leg and look at you lovingly. He waits to be asked to sit next to you on furniture and enjoys lying next to you”.

She continues in her description and says that he is cheerful in the mornings, and trots up to greet you. He can’t wait to go outside and let the squirrels  know that he is ready for the day and will be watching them. Walks are a pleasure for him, as he searches his neighborhood for scents, and barks hello to other dogs. This sweetheart is so excited to go on walks that he sometimes squeals  and dances when leashed!


I will keep squirrels away!

I will keep squirrels away!


Timothy was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, which is treated with daily medication and monitored via blood tests quarterly or semi-annually. It should be noted that Timothy’s foster mom says that he has been “one of the easiest dogs that she has had the pleasure of fostering.” See his profile HERE, and why not fill out an adoption application while there! He is being fostered in Chicago, but usually Col. Potter will help you problem-solve how to transport him to your town, as long as it isn’t in Siberia!

Did I mention that he’s really sweet, very friendly, bonds quickly, and is mellow?

I love to greet everyone!

I love to greet everyone!




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Tuesdays Tails Blog Hop


3 thoughts on “Adopt Timothy A Cairn From Col. Potter Cairn Rescue

  1. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Timothy is precious! I hate it that his family had to give him up. That is heartbreaking. Will share!

  2. Terry Cramer says:

    I know. He seems so great!

  3. Sue says:

    Timothy looks like such a sweetheart! Sharing.

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