Monday Mischief: Livvie Travels to the Land of Sepia Sleepia

This definitely qualifies as Mischief.

This post is inspired by Marian Allen, a fantastic writer who is dedicated and inspiring. We are only starting A Story A Day May on May 24th, so…well, at least we’re trying. Mom has never written a story. Yes, she’s written blog posts.

Katya Graymalkin (cat who owns Marian Allen), wrote a story about traveling to Italy, and the prompt to other companion animals was: If you could travel, where would you go?


I slipped into a land I didn't recognize

I slipped into a land I didn’t recognize



                          Livvie Travels to the Land of Sepia Sleepia

by Terry Cramer, via Livvie Cramer, rat terrier

One evening, as I was waiting for Mom to come home, I slid into a kind of sleep that felt like enormous, furry bear paws enveloping me in an umber plushness. My body was plummeting through blue fuzz, yet held firmly by this muscular embrace.  I landed  in a rich, green-sienna  canopy filled with tiny beige creatures hopping about like caffeinated bunnies.

“Errrrr”! I expressed a sort of growl to test the waters. “Errrr”!

“Allo der”! a tiny squishy voice answered.  “Allo der, are yew lost, white creature with spots and pointy snoutie”?

“Aaaaoo”! I answered, stymied about language protocols.

I did a little eyeball of the surroundings, and  saw mocha-colored cottony tree-like things sprouting from the rich, mud-colored ground. I could sense a cookie somewhere close.

“I’m SupposeEd, your Ersatz Bunny-Like Guide,” the tiny being blurted. S/he was java-and taffy- striped with a pentagram-shaped body, and rabbit legs galore.  “‘Ere, ‘ave a likkle treat”!

Chomp, chomp chomp, the flavor of sepia, yum.

“Wherrrr am I?” I growl-spoke to SupposeEd.

“‘Ere in Sepia Sleepia Land, of course. Didn’t you know? ”

“How errrrr did I get here? Errrr,” I still growl-spoke, in my hyper-snout-vigilence.

“Your mum has been participating in one too many Sepia Saturday Blog Hops, and this time you actually slipped right through the portal”!

I began to cry. “Eeeeee  Eeeeee Eeeeeee”!   “Mommieeeee”!

“Ok, likkle Pointy Spotted Snout! We will send you back. You’re too discombobulated to stay this time. But do us a favor, and tell the world about us, the Sepia Erzatz Bunny-Like Guides”! (SEBELS)

“Ok SupposeEd, OK SupposeEd…………URUFFFFIEO!”

Whoosh. Whoosh. Smoglespurtie. Ooglesmarth. Whoosh……….




Sepia Erzatz Bunny-Like Guides

Sepia Erzatz Bunny-Like Guides


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14 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: Livvie Travels to the Land of Sepia Sleepia

  1. Wonderful! Loud, approving meows! Sepia Sleepia sounds like a wonderful place to visit, especially if you get treats. :) Great story! >^..^<

  2. Emma says:

    What cute stuffies in the last photo. We never heard of the story a day thing, but can’t do it right now anyway. Cute story!

    • Terry Cramer says:

      Thanks! Just what everyone needs…More pressure…to write a story a day! To those writers doing it, it is a fun challenge, I guess. So far, that is the only story we’ve come up with.

  3. Sleepia Sepia! That’s so creative!!!!
    Thanks for sharing on Sepia Saturday- Ruckus the Eskie

  4. Terry Cramer says:

    Thanks for planting the seed. It may be a story that continues on.

  5. Bailey says:

    Love the stuffy. Great story.

  6. Sue says:

    Very cool story – love it!

  7. It sure must have been confusing to end up in Sepia Land, quite an adventure! It’s great to read your Mom’s story :)

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  8. Stacey says:

    I love writing stories but am not sure I could do one a day. I don’t join the challenges because then I get too stressed out with meeting the goals.
    It’s great it inspired you to write your first story though and a very good one too boot. Enjoyed it and hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend :)

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