Adopt Fritter An Honorary Cairn!


Please adopt Fritter, honorary Cairn. Having just adopted one myself, I highly recommend them!! Little Fritter is only nine pounds! His face shows the terrier background with the big soft eyes and wider muzzle. See if you can guess what breeds he is! I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, here he is:


I'm a little pixie!

I’m a little pixie!


I’m told that he is seven years old, but when you watch his famous prey-drive video, you will find it hard to believe.



Fritter fell upon hard times when some members of his family became extremely allergic to him. You can see his Intake Story, where you will learn that the is good with  children, other dogs, and even cats. You will learn that he knows some commands, rides well in the car, and is crate-trained.


You must admit, I'm adorable!

You must admit, I’m adorable!


His foster mom says that Fritter likes to be around his people most of the time, and loves to give soft kisses. She also says that “he is not very brave by himself  (he growls at crackling paper), but loves to follow the “big” boys into adventures. He is such a lightweight that when he shakes, he skitters across the floor.”


Please bring me home to your couch!

Please bring me home to your couch!


Fritter will play by himself with a small toy or a bit of paper, pawing at it or tossing it in the air and pouncing. He will also chase his tail and spin with excitement at dinner time.  This tiny boy is a real delight!

He is being fostered in Columbia, South Carolina, and if you are interested in him, Col. Potter Cairn Rescue will help you problem-solve about how to get him to your town.  And guess what breeds he is? Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier! Now get busy and visit his profile  and fill out an adoption application while there! Please!


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Tuesdays Tails Blog Hop

Tuesdays Tails Blog Hop