See Our Uncle Sing in a Musical About Mangos


I'm here to tell you about my Uncle Bob Katz!

See our Uncle sing in a musical about mangos!


Kessie here, Livvie’s brother! Reporting on the cultural scene in New York City!

[Disclaimer, we have not received payment of any kind to tell you about this. We just love our uncle]!

Anyone who lives nearby must go see my uncle Bob Katz (no, he isn’t a cat)! perform his One-Man Ten-Mango Musical, called:


The Hot New One-Man, Ten Mango Musical
It’s Smoothies For Us All!Book, Music, Lyrics, and Performance by Bob KatzThursday  August 28, 7:00 PMTickets: $10 Suggested Donation to the Church

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

81 Christopher Street

New York, N.Y. 10014


Refreshments Will Be Served

Party With the Mangos!



Behind-theScenes Shot of Bob Katz with Mangos

Behind-theScenes Photo of Bob Katz with Mangos


Bob finds "the one"

Bob finds “the one”





Take advantage of this opportunity to see an hilariously clever Musical! The last performance of the season is on Thursday, August 28th. We guarantee that you have never seen anything like it. No one has a pure, clear voice like Bob Katz, and no one has quite the relationship with mangos that he does! Combine them, and you have the unexpected and amusing!


If you love cute dogs like me, please go!


I'm going to sneak in to see the show!

I’m going to sneak in to see the show!



About Bob Katz
“If you could swirl the clever lyricism of Cole with the sly cherubic humor of Harpo, and add a shmear of Judy’s showbiz pizzazz, you’d have a concoction akin to Bob Katz”.
Pete Kennedy, The Kennedys”Bob Katz makes people smile; he makes them feel good.  Bob Katz is really talented and really funny.  Excellent.  Great job!  Really entertaining and very different.  He was the most entertaining act of the night.”
Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, Twisted SisterTo book shows or for further information, please contact Bob at: can also visit Bob at:Electronic Press Kit:

 The Mango That Ate New York…and kept growing….and growing….

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