Adopt Tracey An Exceptionally Charming Cairn


Adopt Tracey, an exceptionally charming Cairn.


This week’s available Col. Potter Cairn is Tracey, a beautiful senior girl! Look at those eyes!  She is 13 years old and being fostered in Arlington, Texas. Her foster mom says: “Tracey is a super sweet and loving girl.” She loves to sleep a lot, but is super aware of where foster mom is, and will wake up from a sound sleep to be picked up to sit next to her. Tracey is very non-demanding  and a super-easy foster.


I have soulful eyes! I will love you with all my heart!

I have soulful eyes! I will love you with all my heart!


Tracey is house-trained and uses the dog door when she wants. She sleeps all night  and is quiet as can be and is crate-trained. She loves everyone and is very patient with the exuberant active  pup girls at her foster home. All little Tracey wants is a warm bed and someone to love her.


I like to look at the snow and lick it a bit.

I like to look at the snow and lick it a bit.


You can see her profile here at the Available Cairns Page, and also fill out an adoption application!!! Here is one of her videos:

If you would love to have a wonderful laid-back, sweet girl who loves to cuddle, please act quickly. If there’s room, she’ll roll over for a tummy rub. These little  dogs live long lives!


I'm a big love!

I’m a big love!


More videos:

The only question I have for you, is what are you waiting for?





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15 thoughts on “Adopt Tracey An Exceptionally Charming Cairn

  1. Linda Bagley says:

    I melt every time I look at this picture. What a face.

  2. Terry Cramer says:

    She is such a special pup!

  3. Tracey are such a cutie.

  4. Dogs N Pawz says:

    She is precious! Paws crossed for her. Sharing.

  5. Carly says:

    I am so interested in Tracy! Sweetest face I’ve ever seen.

  6. Terry Cramer says:

    Thanks. Yes, what a sweetie!

  7. Atomic Veteran says:

    Mine didn’t live a long life.

  8. Atomic Veteran says:

    And he died on his birthday. What’s that supposed to mean? Buster was my first dog; I didn’t realize how much and how long it would hurt.

    • Terry Cramer says:

      My heart really goes out to you. I think that dogs can touch you in a deeper way than anyone can imagine. The agony can haunt you. I can only say that as time passes, the pain eventually lessons, but never completely goes away. I dedicate certain things in my life to Matilda and like to think that she sent Twinkle on some level.

    • Terry Cramer says:

      Thank you so much Atomic veteran, for your contribution. May your healing be gentle! We are sending all our best wishes to you.

      Terry, Livvie, Kessie and Twinkle Toes

  9. We will share for this little star. Sorry we are late (not the best of weeks)

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