Amazing Macie Finds Forever Home via Col. Potter


Amazing Macie Finds Forever Home


Bring out your hankies dog-lovers! Here’s a feel-good story to combat all that bad news out there.

On March 5, 2015, Matilda’s Journey blogged about a little senior Cairn girl who needed a home.    Her name was Tracey, and she had been rescued by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. Although she was sweet, healthy and no trouble at all, she had been in foster care with Col. Potter for some time after having been rescued from a breeding facility.


Hi guys!

Hi guys!


Erin, who is a Col. Potter Volunteer extraordinaire,  asked Matilda’s Journey to blog about Tracey. Everyone  fell in love with her. Erin kept remarking about her.   She kept reciting “Oh she’s  so beautiful, sweet  and  well-behaved” like a mantra.

Erin returned to the blog post. And returned to the blog post.


So what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for?


“How would it be to have four dogs?”,  Erin asked….




We “discussed amongst ourselves”, as they say. Erin consulted with family members, including Caruso, Cindel, Wicket, and Chris. Everyone was on board. How could they not be?!  Soon, so soon, Tracey, now Macie, was on a plane from Texas, heading to just outside DC.

Then it happened!  This thirteen year old pup arrived at her forever home.      And:

Erin: “it’s like she’s always been here!”

Hi! Nice to meet you, dad, I'd like a belly rub please!

Hi! Nice to meet you, new dad, I’d like a belly rub please!


She gets along well with her three new siblings, Caruso, Cindel, and Wicket.  They will  dance up to her and try to get her to play! Caruso will go so far as to talk to her in his doggy vocalization way. She is energetic on walks, and doesn’t bark at anyone! She loves to meet new people and dogs.  Sometimes she’ll even start running around like a puppy. Look at her adorable brisk walking in her video with Cindel:





Macie is affectionate and loves to be petted. She has mastered the art of paw-tapping the human arm if it has ceased petting for a moment. She has also almost mastered the art of climbing upstairs, but not so much with that pesky down part.  Her hearing isn’t 100%, but she recognizes the food bowls, and comes running for meals with the others!


Its as if she's always been here

It’s as if she’s always been here



MacieCopy2015image2 copy


Erin said that she made an ornament of Macie’s paw (to go with the ones that she made of Cindel, Caruso and Wicket), and she truly has the most perfect paw print.


Macie's perfect paw

Macie’s perfect paw


Macie has tried out all the different dog beds in the house.


I'm exhausted after dancing around this morning just because I was so happy in my new home!

I’m exhausted after dancing around this morning just because I was so happy in my new home!


Thank you Erin and Chris! says Macie. Her dream of dancing in her forever home is here.

17 thoughts on “Amazing Macie Finds Forever Home via Col. Potter

  1. She are such a cutie pie!

  2. Terry Cramer says:

    Isn’t she! Isn’t it great that she got such a great home, finally, at age 13!!!

  3. Linda Bagley says:

    Thank you Erin for opening up your heart and home to Macie. This indeed was a match made in heaven.

  4. Kim in TX says:

    Macie’s new home is very fortunate to have her and she is beyond fortunate to have them, love this family.

  5. Mary Schmidt says:

    What a great story and the ending couldn’t be more perfect! Happy forever to Macie!

  6. Joy says:

    Does your heart good to see a happy ending for a senior. Bless those that open their homes to seniors.

  7. Doris Conner says:

    It does your heart good to see such joy.

  8. Terry Cramer says:

    We are all so happy for Macie—and Cindel, Wicket, Caruso, Erin and Chris!!

  9. Marcia Lewis says:

    Love is the key to opening someone’s heart and it sure did happen here for everyone! Blessings!

  10. says:

    I lost my dear Genevieve to cancer in September… she was a beautiful, mischievous, wheaten cairn who I shall never meet the likes of again…she’d be 13 now. This little sweetie looks so very much like her. I’m glad she’s safe and happy.. God Bless her and her new family!! <3

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