Black and White Sunday: New Pup Twinkles



Hi there everyone. This is Twinkle Toes and I’m the new pup. I have to say that I am a bit confused. I have been living with a lovely group of dogs in a wonderful foster home in South Carolina.  My foster mom says that I was rescued from a puppy mill when I was ten weeks old.  I don’t really know what that means. That’s why I look so confused in this photo.


What's a puppy mill?

What’s a puppy mill?


She took me and some of the others for a very long ride. We dropped “Grandma”  off in New England, and then we started driving again to a place they call Brooklyn. It’s very noisy in Brooklyn, and filled with smells of all kinds. Dogs, cats, zillions of people, and even raccoons.

Foster mom told me that I would stay with this new person I was going to meet, and with two other terriers.  She and my friends left, and I sat by the door, feeling so alone. My new mommy brought a little stool over and sat down next to me and petted me and spoke nicely to me.  My new siblings came over and stayed with me too.

We all decided to go and sit on the couch together. We were all cuddling, and I licked my new sister Livvie’s face. She nibbled on my snout. It tickled.

I like it here. I love my new mom. I slept in her arms last night.  Today we took some walks. The smells are wild! I tried to chase a sparrow! I met lots of neighbors. I am still looking for my foster mom and my friends though.


My new sister Livvie is a character

My new sister Livvie is a character


New mom says we are a handful to walk. She says it’s a little like herding cats. Very strong cats!  Even though I have pug in me, new mom says that I am very terrier-ish. You can see in the picture how happy Livvie looks, worn out Kessie looks, and how oblivious and pre-occupied I look. Also note the leash’s prominence. New mom says it will be a challenge to get good photos of the three of us!


Here we are. Watch out for us!

Here we are. Watch out for us!


We still are working a few things out. Livvie didn’t want me to lick the insides of her ears. Hmmmm. Who knew. I’m keeping my distance for a little while, and staying close to my new mom.  So, it really is good to know you all. I’m going to close with a photo of me doing my froggy pose. I’ve included a sneaker and Livvie. Hope you enjoy!


I'm comfy in my froggy pose

I’m comfy in my froggy pose


And thanks again to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network!


We are joining  Dachshund Nola and  Sugar the Golden Retriever for the  Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. We thank them for hosting!