{This moment} See Beautiful



This is a Blog Hop that I discovered  through Sugar the Golden Retriever. {This Moment} See Beautiful happens every second Friday of the month. It invites you to create a blog post that shows  how something in your day/week/month/moment was an inspiration to find beauty in a unique, profound way. The Blog Hop was created  by See Beauty, and you can enter there or through Sugar the Golden Retriever.


Beautiful Tree! says Livvie...

Beautiful Tree! says Livvie…


What Livvie finds beautiful is this Christmas tree waiting to become mulch. She pauses and takes note of the tree. It was not there the day before. It reminds me of Thich Naht Hanh’s observations of the connection between a rose and then the”garbage” it eventually becomes. How the rose and the compost heap are connected.

Solar Neighborhood

Solar Neighborhood

A snowy day in the neighborhood points us in a direction. Even as we flinch in the face of the sub-zero temperatures, we are capturing the inherent beauty. Looking out the window, it is right here in front of me.


Simply looking out the window and letting your eyes focus on a scene. We bring the awe with us, and suddenly our view of the street elevates us to {This Moment} See Beautiful.