Adopt Amazing Waggie from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue

Waggie is such an affectionate, springy, alive dog that it is hard to picture him in jail. That is exactly where Col. Potter sprung him from! See his Intake Story HERE.

My little paws go pitter-patter right to your heart!

My little paws go pitter-patter right to you!

His foster mom is so enthusiastic about him that she agreed to foster a second dog, even though they were previously only a one-dog family.   These are the words she uses to describe him: “calm, snuggler, loving, kissy, silly, sweet.”  She continues, “He is an absolute doll, and will make some one very happy.” Waggie’s foster family has been calling him Augie and they find him to be “an awesome dog”. He is endearing and one of his favorite hobbies is cuddling.  Dancing and spinning are his trademarks!  He also goes pitter-patter with his little feet when he is excited. This happens when asked if he wants something to eat or when he sees the leash come out for a walk. Augie/Waggie even recognizes animals on the tv despite the sound being off. He is quite fun and entertaining.

See his YouTube video HERE.

I'm Waggie and I'm dancing and spinning!

I’m Waggie and I’m dancing and spinning into your heart!

This spirited lapdog also enjoys the resident dogs. It took him a little time to get used to them, but they play well and are nice companions.  (He isn’t crazy about big dogs though). He even comes when he’s called. His foster mom describes this as refreshing. He sounds like one in a million! Please don’t wait if you are interested. He’s light wheaten color, six years old, and is being fostered in Frisco, Texas. Don’t worry! Col. Potter will transport him to you. They are an amazing Rescue Group. Click HERE to see his profile, and why not fill out an adoption application while you are there!

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