Adopt Brad, An Irresistible Cairn


Please consider adopting Brad, an irresistible cairn.

I’m watching Brad’s video on his profile on the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network site and reading what his foster mom has to say about him.  I’m so moved and eager to find him his forever home. Please help me do this.


I'm Brad. Please rub my tummy!

I’m Brad. Please rub my tummy!


If you have watched his video, you will probably agree with me that he doesn’t seem to be eleven years old! I am reminded that these small terriers live long lives.  His foster mom says that he is extremely happy, and loves to play ball (and get belly rubs).  He joined the Col. Potter family  in June when his original family could no longer care for him.  His foster home is in Bradenton, Florida, but Col. Potter will help you problem-solve about getting him to your town.


Let's sit on the couch together!

Let’s sit on the couch together!


Brad’s foster mom says that when you throw the ball, he brings it back and puts it right in your hand.  He will also give you his paw, sit, and do a down.  Just about then, he rolls over for his belly rub. He will lie next to you on the sofa for hours, if the belly rub keeps going. What a little character! When it is time for a car ride, Brad is ready to go! No time to get your pocketbook and coat. He is on his way!


I want to cuddle--a lot!

I want to cuddle–a lot!


Foster mom adds: “He follows me everywhere!”


I will always be by your side!

I will always be by your side!


She says:

“Brad walks like a Blue Ribbon show dog. He acts so proud. He is a champ!”

Actually, the real winner will be you when you adopt this loving dog.





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