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I would love for  someone to adopt little Bellezza, a charming Cairn. She is not a stranger to Matilda’s Journey. On November 13, 2013, she pranced onto the pages to see if she could find her  forever home.  This is what I said then:

I just finished watching Little Bellezza’s video. She and her foster siblings are having a blast. It made me smile and fall in love with her.  Apparently she and her original family were not the best match, so Col. Potter Cairn  Rescue group stepped up. Here she is now in Montgomery Texas, enjoying herself heartily. By the way, Col. Potter will help you figure out how to transport her to you if you are not in Texas. Little Bella cannot travel by plane, and she gets thyroid medication twice a day. (I’m trying to locate the video as we speak).


I have an original haircut!!

I have an original haircut!!


Her foster mother said this then:

She is “the best little Cairn in Texas”.  She’s seven years old, and loves everyone, two legged and four legged.  She and her doggie foster siblings play like hooligans, and then crash on the sofa. Later they play in the yard. In the evening she loves to curl up on the sofa with her foster mom, and is always the first one on the bed at night.


Here’s a video of Bella playing with her foster siblings:



I like to hide one ear! Can you find it?

I like to hide one ear! Can you find it?


In the morning she loves to go with her foster mom, and greet her “outside” friends. She runs to the chickens and then to the goats.  Next she  helps feed the horses, and takes a few bites of grain.  This is followed by a long walk, and then some playing and rolling in the grass.

Why not look at her profile on the Col. Potter site, and fill  out an adoption application as well. You can also see the cutest video of her playing with her foster sibling buddies.


Look! I'm romping about outside!

Look! I’m romping about outside!


Please give this little darling a chance to have her very own home. Foster mom thinks she would do best as an only pet. The love she gives will add dimension and meaning to your life.


Invite me to your house. I'm so much fun!

Invite me to your house. I’m so much fun!


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