Black and White Sunday

Hi Folks!

We have some obstacles in our lives, but hopefully, they are small ones. Kessie has an injured eye, and if anyone can tell us, or guess as to what the name of the structure is that is injured, I will send you a prize of your choosing (within limits)! I will describe the structure in question. It is near the third eye-lid (haw), and near the black outline of the eye, but not IN the eye itself. It is a tiny black thingie that is a little torn. Guesses anyone, or knowledge anyone? The vet didn’t seem all that concerned, but if there are further problems, Kessie might have to have surgery to snip off the little tiny excess piece of “material”.  The vet said that as soon as Kes stopped squinting, he didn’t have to wear his cone. Luckily, he stopped squinting almost immediately after the first eye-drops were applied. He has a very clever way of making it a bit harder to get the eye-drops in. He rolls on his back and wiggles around! Yay Kessie!


Our methods of taking pictures are out of order, but are being worked on. We lost a week’s worth of pictures, including most of the really interesting snowy night pics. Oh well. We do have this one Black and White. Well, actually, we have a ton of Black and White pics, but it is difficult to remember which ones have already been used!!


Happy Black and White Sunday! This Blog Hop is hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. We thank them, and wish Sugar continued good recovery!


Of note is that today was the very first time that I was able to “grab the code” and get the thumbnails on my blog, all by myself. I’m very excited, but still can’t figure out why I wasn’t able to do it before! Anyway, YAYYYYYYY!