Hopefully, the return of Matilda’s Blog!

I'm very happy that my blog is working again

I’m very happy that my blog is working again

Greetings and roo!*  from Brooklyn New York! This is Matilda!  I have been informed by humans that my blog has been repaired. It really is hard for me to believe, but we will see. I have been faring much better than the technology has. I managed to arrange for several new dog beds and lots of new treats to be delivered to our house. Mom is trying to give away one of the dog beds because it is too springy for me, and I bounce and  fall off of it when I try to get onto it. Try to picture it. I have been busy barking and roo-ing all evening in order for mom to figure out that I want more and more treats. I figure I’m 13… and a half, and I survived Lymphoma and I should really have whatever I want. Mom agrees, within reason, she says. She has to be able to lift me. Ha ha.

So, I do have to tell you that I miss my boyfriend, Coby, (the adorable Golden Retriever), terribly. I know that he is in good hands. I did meet his dad, and my mom has talked to his mom. They did read me a love letter  from Coby, but I worry about his health. He’s only four, and he finished his chemo right around the same time I did, but he has a skin infection that could be contagious, so I can’t get together with him until he is 100% better. He’s on vacation right now, at the beach. I’m pretty happy for him. He gets to swim in the ocean, and go to Assateague Island and see the wild ponies. (My mom told me that she went camping there many years ago, and that Misty of Chincoteague was her favorite book when she was a girl). We got each other through chemo, so he is important to me.

So, I’m signing off, but not before I remind you that August is Older Dog Month at BlogPaws. I don’t know how to put the patch thingie onto the blog, but I might put a picture of my sister Livvie on, and she is getting ready to read AARP Magazine because the vet told her that next year when she turns 9, that she will qualify as an older dog. This is surprising to me, since she acts like a puppy. She frequently tries to jump over me and onto the bed, and sometimes, when putting that in reverse, she lands on my head. Cheers!

* Roo is the high pitched sound that many greyhounds make when happy, excited, spooked, etc. It is repeated over and over: “ROOROOROOROOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  It is a teeny bit like wolf howling, and is magnificent.

The vet told me that I'l be receiving AARP magazine next year . Actually AARD.

The vet told me that I’ll be receiving AARP magazine next year . Actually AARD.