Adopt Mr. Murray, An Adorable Cairn

Adopt Mr. Murray, an adorable Cairn.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network was able to rescue him and find a foster home for him in Cayce, South Carolina. He’s five years old and has a lot of energy.  Let’s let him speak for himself.


I'm looking to be loved!

I’m looking to be loved!


Hi folks. My name is Mr. Murray! I decided to take the bull by the horns, and promote myself. I’m looking for my forever home. There it is. Out in the open. I had one, but lost it and this is quite sad. I don’t know what happened. Now I have a fun foster home. I’m not complaining!  I get a lot of attention and a yard to play in. Lots of doggie friends. I love my foster mom, and the other humans. The food is good too.


Here's a close-up & you can even see my little tongue.

Here’s a close-up & you can even see my little tongue.


I really like to be around my human, for instance, right now I’m under my my foster mom’s desk as she works. I don’t have to be in a lap. When I am being petted however, I do not like other pups to interrupt.  I do love to chase my doggie colleagues around in the yard. Have I mentioned how cute I am, and that I come when you call me. I also love to listen to you as you speak to me. I am quite attentive.


I'm a pretty handsome fellow, don' you think?

I’m a pretty handsome fellow, don’t you think?


I like to sleep in my crate, and even just hang out in it for a break here and there. They say I had separation anxiety, but my foster mom says it is reduced, improved. She thinks that if I am not left alone all day, every day, I will be ok. So my forever home should be one where the humans are retired or work from home.

Here’s a little video of me:

I like a toy here or there. I will fetch a ball if you want. I use the doggie door and am housebroken, but I do sneak in a mark every so often. I am not destructive at all, and I’m mellow if the other dogs aren’t being annoying to me. You can see my profile and fill out an adoption application when you go to The Available Dogs page on Col. Potter.


I think we can work something out. Just go look me up on Col. Potter!

I think we can work something out. Just go look me up on Col. Potter!


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