Brooklyn Sidewalk Explorer

Exploring my basement

Exploring my basement

I admire my beautiful blog friend, Miss Harper Lee, a golden retriever, from The k9 Harper Lee. A short while ago, she presented me with The Explorer Dog Award.  Her friend Cat (a dog), from Camping and Exploring with Dogs, had just created it. I was pleased because I live in the city, and don’t get to go many places. Miss Harper Lee recognized my experiences exploring different city haunts.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person (or dog)who gave the award to you and display it on your blog.

Well well, mom isn’t able to figure out how to display the Explorer Dog Award patch on the blog, but you can see it at The k9 HarperLee.

2. Nominate up to five friends. Here we go:

*   Austin, Li’l Girl, and (at the Bridge, Little Bear) from Words with Wieners – visit them to check in on their travels. They are curious  about everything, and extremely well-versed in all things doggy.

*   Bunny from Tales and Tails – this adorably sensitive greyhound has been hiking, camping, shopping, and most recently has become an official Hospice Therapy Dog.

*   Emma dog from My GBGV Life – not only did she recently celebrate her 7th birthday, but she has been visiting Snoopy Dog statues all over her city, and has a book coming out soon!

*   Dakota from Dakota’s Den – in her imagination she traveled to BarkWorld with her mom, and reported back!

*   Butterfly and Cricket from RachelMankowitz:The Cricket Pages – they travel around their neighborhood doggedly searching for the most perfect places to pee and leave their special pee messages, and recently they traveled to upstate New York and had adventures with many children!

3. Answer the following questions:

*What is your favorite place to explore? Link to it.

The Brooklyn sidewalks are my favorite places to explore

The Brooklyn sidewalks are my favorite places to explore

I  have to say that I love the sidewalk on my cross-street. There is a cafe and there are many people. I like to go up to the people who sit at a bench outside the Steeplechase Cafe, and see how many of them will pet me.

*What do you like to explore more, beach or park?

Like Miss Harper Lee, I have never been to the beach. That is, since I have been with my mom. I can’t remember if I have been there with my previous parents, or when I was on the greyhound breeding farm. We have a beautiful park  (Prospect Park) near our house and that was my favorite, but now I can’t walk that far!  I have to settle for stories from my rat terrier siblings after they return from their trips there.

*Have you ever found anything exciting/interesting while exploring?

Yes, mom took this picture of me near some attractive grafitti that had just appeared on a wall near our house.

Graffiti Greyhound

Graffiti Greyhound

*What is your favorite post you have written? Link to it.

This is about my journey to chemo and it explains how I met my boyfriend Coby the golden retriever. (It is under the category “Coby” if you are on the blog. Oh my, mom can’t figure out how to link it directly). I’m still waiting for a visit with him, since we are both in remission now, and not going to chemo, thank dog.


This is Coby getting onto the dog bed with me at chemo

This is Coby getting onto the dog bed with me at chemo