Monday Mischief: Twinkle Leads Us to Spaghettification


Now that we are living with a full-fledged puppy, every day is Monday Mischief! Doesn’t little Twinkle look happy and confident out in this field of grass? But wait, what are all those leashes? Why are they taut and tangled. Who is attached to the other end of the leashes??


Can you see what the mischief is?

Can you see what the mischief is?



Twinkle looks like she’s romping, care free, chasing butterflies! Ahhh, what fun, what peace! How has she managed to find this patch of green in Brooklyn, of all places?



I'm sniffing! La la la!

I’m sniffing! La la la!


So innocent! What could possibly be amiss!  Twinkle is such a good little puppy!



These are three tangled pups!

These are three tangled pups!


Somehow, Twinkie has managed to shoot out front and tornado the leashes. We are like matted ringlets. Happy as a clam, she doesn’t notice that Livvie is winking and Kessie is sticking his tongue out. Mom is limping and cannot find her hand.  We are feeling more like we have been spaghettified, which is in fact a scientific term. It has to do with what happens when something gets sucked into a black hole. No kidding!


Look mom! I'm leading, says Twink

Look mom! I’m leading, says Twinkie


Twinkie, Twinkie! Nooooo! Stay away from the black hole!!!!!!  Aaaiieee!!!!!!


We thank Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog, and My Brown Newfies for hosting this fun Blog Hop!