Monday Mischief

Livvie has been a very busy little pup! She has been determined to have a lot of fun and to gather a large number of twitter followers. Her social circle has been growing, and recently she was invited to go along on #RideDayFriday. They were having a Space Evening. She accepted, and this is the mischief that ensued.

I'm riding my space alien pet, Globutonia!

I’m riding my space alien pet, Globutonia!

There were kitties and doggies and such. All were riding other animals, and heading for outer space! They were most welcoming, and Livvie wasn’t even frightened. At one point she was swinging on the Onion Rings of Saturn! They will ride again at the end of April. If anyone wants to come along, let us know!

@TattleCat created the avi of Livvie above. You can also visit his blog by clicking HERE. If you want to see more of the ride photos, you can find them HERE. This is @morbokif and the website is called Morbo & Kif’s Place.

We thank Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog, and My Brown Newfies for hosting Monday Mischief!